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For private companies we can offer the following services:

• Consultancy for issue programs and internal regulations for company protection under physical and procedural circumstances regarding the employees and in accordance with the law.
• Assuring protection against information leakage from commercial companies area that wish to keep the confidentiality. Finding out and block the ways which through professional data are make known, the contractual clause or auction clause with confidently character.
• Checking of data in what is concern the future employees and theirs compatibility with tasks position.
• Checking the subordinate employee`s loyalty and correctness in what is concern the followings:

- accomplish specific professional tasks;
- the way that they keep company professional secret;
- the way that they work or not in the name and in the favor of the company

• Checking future business partners - private companies or individual persons in what is concern the followings:
- solvability and seriousness of potential clients;
- their seriousness and correctitude in accomplish the liabilities undersigned in the agreement;
- working against the activities specific law;
- their intention to sell and to alienate the company goods in the purpose for not accomplish their obligations when the company is declared in bankrupt situation;
- disloyal competitions;

• Protecting some business investments, innovation, patents or copyright until these one will be registered and certified by the owner.
• Obtaining necessary data and materials proves regarding the opportunity to conclude some contracts or to carry on some activities with/or in advantage for some persons.
• Specific activities in purpose of person identification, which initiate, prepare and commit acts that can be considered a prejudice to the interest of companies.

For banks and insurance companies we can offer the following services:

• Obtaining data for potential clients that request bank credits and/or leasing companies and checking their solvability and seriousness;
• Person`s identifications that in a deliberate way make possible data leakage regarding company activities as privileged communication, financial information, banking data, agreement clause, etc.
• Obtaining data`s and materials proves necessary to prevent creating frauds in insurance field with grave marks for the insurance companies.

For attorneys offices we can offer the following services:

• Witness identification, documents and other prove elements and also obtaining information that can be used by the defender in the court.
• Obtaining necessary data or/and materials proves for goods that are making object for some civil or penal litigation, alienation with purpose to prejudice interest of the other party in the law court.

For individual persons we can offer the following services:

• Complex investigation about some family and individual aspects, like:
- behavior and public morality of future husband/wife, son in law/daughter in law;
- children`s situation that will be adopted and family conditions;
- husband/wife fidelity;
- children behavior, company and hidden preoccupations;
- patrimonial status checking of actual husband/fiancé and wife/fiancée;
- patrimonial litigation in divorce case;
• Checking the situation when a person disappear;
• Identification of relative and friends when a person do not know anything about missing person for a long period of time;
• Finding hidden goods by one party for the purpose to prejudice the interest of the other party in the law court;
• Finding persons who threatening or blackmailing other persons;
• Obtaining documents about:
- establish the origin - when a person do not know his parents;
- relative grades with some persons;
- the rights and liabilities for participation on the testament;
- the rights and liabilities for husband/spouse regarding common patrimonial situation in divorce case;
- documents that will be used in the law court for establish the sentence of person disappear or his dead in the purpose of opening the testament and pay his liabilities to other persons;
- other activities that aren`t against the law and do not make the object of specialized competition of state institutions.

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