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Principles that form the base for our private detective activity:

1. Legality principle - knowing and respecting the law of the private detective activity.

2. Classified Professional principle - through private detective is liable by the law to keeps professional secret of obtained data and information even after the activity is stopped or the private detective left his quality with exception of these situations mentioned by the law.

3. Finding the truth principle - through the detective will commit himself for finding the truth about information and data requested by the client.

4. Personal responsibility principle. Neither of our private detective agents will not invoke the fact that he doesn`t knew the law and that was the reason for not respecting the law. Personal responsibility of each private detective agent will appear on each case during the investigation process.

5. Private detective efficiency principle - the client will receive all data and information that make the object of the contract between parties, in the most short period of time and in accordance with case complexity.

6. Individual treatment for each case principle - Private detective agent will threat each case in particularly.

7. Respecting the right for personal life, familial and private - Private detective agent will respect in his duty the law and to not infringe the Romanian Constitution and its stipulations.