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SC LEGAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY and was founded and registered on the Official Commerce in 2009 having as main activity the investigation and protection of goods and persons.

          The company runs according to the Law No. 31/1990 republished as is concern  the companies and also, in accordance with to the Law No. ???/2009 and the H.G. No. 1666/2004 as is concern  the  practice of  private detective profession  and it has as point of view to carry on specify investigations activities of  private detectives.

SC LEGAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY has LICENCE for private detective activity and has a qualified staff in this field and also high performance equipment, offering you multiple services for physical and juridical persons.

          For all services offered and for all actions undertaken, S.C. LEGAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY SRL assures:

·        Immediately availability in taking your case.

·        Making all activities only in accordance with the law.

·        Protection of issued data’s, confidence of data’s, discretion over necessary overtures on the entire collaboration period, as good as later.  

·        Maximum promptness and operability in every time of day.

·        Supplying service quality by our elite detectives;

Our Motto:

Professionalism with elite detectives”   guides us for offering you the most high quality services and our equipments help us to certify fidelity of our job.

Our staff have answers at your problems!

For each problem we find at least two resolutions.   

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