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Frequently questions:

1. Who is the private detective agent?

The private detective agent is that person certified by the law and in his activities will not break the right for private life, familiar, private or other rights or fundamental freedom as a request of physical or juridical person in what is concern the followings:
a) Public morality and conduct of a person;
b) Data about solvability and seriousness of a physical or juridical person that may become a potential business partner;
c) Missing persons from home;
d) The goods that are object of the civil or penal process on the court, are given away for the purpose of prejudicing the other party in the process.
e) Protection against lake of information from private life or companiesí activity that wish to keep the confidentiality.

2. How a private detective can help me?

By investigations service, watching and protection of the goods and person with specific methods, processes and specific means for obtaining the information and data in conformity wit the law, about persons and goods for which the private detective agent was solicited by client, sequel of a written document previous closed.

Investigation services:

- Information and data collection about a person or mobile/immobile good;
- Observation, inspection, research and analyze of the information;
- Investigation by researching on the place of different events/situations in accordance with our client requirements;

Supervision services:

- Direct observance activity at one moment in a certain situation with specific investigations means for obtaining data and information requested by the client and in accordance with the law.
- Supervision term is used in reference material also as: sputtering, observance, pursuance.

Protection of goods and persons:

We can establish a meeting with other company member from our group of companies to present you its mains activities.

3. How we can solve a case?

For solving the case the client will contact our company and present his situation supplying us all the information and data that he knows and from which our detective will start to evaluate the case.
These information and data received from the client will be analyzed with particularity by our detectives and in the next step will be issuing a proposal for this case and if the client accepts it, the contract will be signed and will start solving the case. When the case is solved we will give to the client a report with obtained proves.

Are you in one of these situations?

We know that REALITY sometimes HURTS and we donít want to accept that we are in front of this kind of situations! Donít forget that the most informed person is in extend to prevent possible unlike situations or to stop them at time for not suffering later!
Donít hesitate! Bring your information to you!
Contact us to be informed in time if you want to find out answers at your questions or if you have other situations that need to be solved donít hesitate to contact our private detective company.

- Are you cheated by your husband/wife?

- Do you have a doubt that he/she is not at the mentioned place? (office, parents, mission, etc.)

- Is he/she truly leaves in the mission or not?

- Is he/she at the office now?

- Does he/she announce you that will stay long after the work at the office or will stay longer out of the town for solving company's problems?

- Do you suspect that he/she drugs himself/herself?

- Donít you trust him/her and you want that he/she to be supervised?

- He/She is missing home and you want to find out were he/she is and what is doing?

- Do you want married him/she and you want to find out his/her past?

- Do you believe that your house may be robbed or one of you family member need protection?

- Do you want to married or you are already married and you want to find out the patrimony of the expectant fiancť fiancťe or husband/wife?

- Is your child make you problems and you want to be supervised and find out how he/she is behaving in society?

- Do you want to hire an employee and you need somebody to check if what is written in his/her CV is truth?

- Do you want to invest in this person and you want to eliminate the risk regarding his/her incompatibility of working for you?

- Do you see how your company image is in an unexpected situation and you want to find out the causes and to prevent those kind of situations in the future?

- Do you pay salary for your employees but many of their tasks arenít respected?

- Do you organize an event and you need protection?

- Do you want to obtain solvability information about a potential business partner for you?

- Has your company debtors and you want to prepare the folder for the judgment law court and you need to know if this business partner has enough money to pais his debt?

- Are you a private company and you want to obtain consultancy services for elaborating internal norms and program regarding classified information protection and confidential information?

What you must to do?
It is us by e-mail / fax / phone, regarding your problem that makes the object of your case, present us your situation and we will find the best solution for helping you and solving your case.
We can find answer for your questions and we will bring you the long-expected solution for your problems.